Goal: Research

Objective: Cultivate a culture that supports faculty innovation and creativity

  • Provide opportunities for senior faculty to mentor colleagues on funding and professional development
  • Enhance startup packages for faculty in the arts, humanities, and social sciences
  • Enhance travel funding for faculty participation at professional meetings and conferences
  • Use social media and other communication vehicles to recognize faculty leadership in research
  • Create infrastructure within the college to facilitate collaborative and/or large-scale grant writing across disciplines
  • Restore faculty research development assignments to support new lines of funded scholarship and research


Objective: Develop and maintain a state of the art environment for research and scholarship

  • Identify priorities for the enhancement of existing space for classrooms, laboratories, studios, and performance spaces.
  • Work toward greater efficiency in the use of research resources
  • Identify priorities for new research facilities in collaboration with strategic partners


Objective: Establish more interdisciplinary opportunities

  • Support and promote the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts as a focus of faculty research, grant development, and interdisciplinary work
  • Coordinate the recruitment, retention, promotion, and tenure of jointly-appointed faculty
  • Remove bureaucratic obstacles so that all faculty and units are credited appropriately
  • Explore and evaluate ideas for new programs in cross-cutting areas such as sustainability, social sciences, life sciences, or digital humanities


Objective: Expand strategic collaborative partnerships

  • Explore strategic partnerships with world-renowned institutions in Georgia (e.g. Centers for Disease Control, Carter Center)
  • Cultivate partnerships with international institutions
  • Initiate strategic research partnerships with University System of Georgia faculty and programs
  • Develop strategic partnerships with new UGA programs including medicine and engineering