Friday, August 3, 2018 - 1:42pm

Ph.D. student Isabelle Holland Lulewicz, an archaeologist studying climate change and an endurance horseback rider, is featured in the most recent issue of the Graduate School magazine:

She is also a scientist and anthropologist keeping to a much longer course: to earn her third UGA degree in the fall of 2019. She completed undergraduate degrees in anthropology and geology in 2015 and entered graduate studies.

Lulewicz draws parallels between endurance riding and academia. “Like my dissertation, to finish is to win!” she declares during spring break when she can find what has become a constant place of solace—taking a long, relaxing ride.

When she jokes that riding is a magnificent obsession, Lulewicz is more than half-serious. “I have hay in my boots right now.” She smiles broadly.


Lulewicz has received the Hamilton Lokey Scholarship for returning UGA students multiple times, as well as other academic honors. Her natural bent is towards being competitive, although she stresses that endurance riding is all about the ride, much as a marathon is all about the run.

Or, as graduate work is about staying the course.

Terrific story on the extra-curricular life of a UGA grad student. Scientists are inspiring on many levels, with personalities and interests far beyond the lab or the classroom, and Lulewicz is a great example of overcoming challenges and following your passion.

Image: Isabelle Holland Lulewicz on her Arabian, Natasha.