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Tags: FYO

Fri, 11/22/2019 - 11:13am
First-Year Odyssey Seminars are some of the most important early academic experiences students can have at UGA. Broadly-themed courses taught by senior faculty feed a sense of discovery in students about knowledge, about the world, and importantly, about themselves as students begin to learn and cultivate their own interests. Four UGA faculty members, two from the Franklin College have received a 2019 First-Year Odyssey Teaching Award in…
Thu, 10/04/2018 - 11:09am
Associate professor Amy Pollard picked up a bassoon in middle school after playing the flute for a few years, intrigued with the instrument that developed into a passion she now instills with students and audiences alike: According to Pollard, the instrument truly is diverse—able to blend with woodwinds, play alongside percussion parts or stand on its own as a solo instrument.  “I think it has a really fascinating sound,” said Pollard. “The…
Thu, 01/07/2016 - 10:32am
Professor Marshall Shepherd uses his Forbes column to embark on a perfectly understandable explanation of why we have seasons, the actual length of Earth's trips around the sun, et voilà, the need for a Leap Year: Throughout the year, different parts of the Earth receive the Sun’s rays more directly. In Boreal Winter, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun. At the same time, Austral Summer is happening because the Southern…

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