IT Professional Specialist

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2207 Miller Plant Sciences
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Richard joined the Franklin OIT Client Services team in 2009​

Franklin College Responsibilities

Richard serves as a liaison between the faculty, staff, and students of Franklin College and their technology, ensuring the relationship remains symbiotic and not adversarial.  If the relationship becomes strained, Richard provides mediation in the form of repairs, upgrades, or training to predicate a synergistic culture of person and machine.

Professional Information

Richard has held various jobs in the realm of customer service for 25 years, 15 of those years being in a technology customer service capacity.  He specializes in adapting communication and demeanor to the varying personalities and technological comfort levels of his clients. 

Personal Information

Richard values sense of humor above all else.  He also enjoys movies and bacon (too soon?) and steaks and beer and alternative rock and 24 and bagels and people who recycle and his electric car and frisbee and golf and frisbee golf and video games and video game frisbee golf and not considering Miracle Whip real mayonaise and run-on sentences.