Symposium: Tale of Black Histories

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Fine Arts Building, Balcony Theatre

Tale of Black Histories is a 1971 avant-garde Caribbean play created collaboratively under Martinican writer Edouard Glissant's direction to teach Caribbeans their local histories and culture, excluded from colonial education, and to link their stories with historical heroes, literature, and experiences from across the African diaspora and postcolonial world. Glissant specialist Suzy Cater will introduce and contextualize the play.

Translators Andrew Daily and Emily Sahakian, alongside translation critic Jonathan Baillehache, will discuss their work to translate the play from the French. Christian DuComb, Mahadevi Ramakrishnan, and Gilbert Laumord will talk about restaging the play at Colgate University and the University of Georgia.  

This event is part of visiting artist Gilbert Laumord's residency.

Sponsored by: African American Studies, Institute for, African Studies Institute, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute, Romance Languages, Department of, Theatre and Film Studies, Department of, Willson Center for Humanities and Arts
Contact: Emily Sahakian 7735758674