The Department of Sociology at the University of Georgia is devoted to the study of human social behavior in its many diverse and amazing forms. The undergraduate and graduate programs provide training in five specializations: Criminology, Deviance and Law; Culture; Race, Gender and Class; Social Psychology; and Work, Occupations and Organizations.


Genetics is the future and the past. The history and promise of every organism is written in its DNA. Geneticists are leading one of the major scientific revolutions of mankind, delving into the distant past and providing an unprecedented understanding of the biological world. The Genetics department in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences offers a supportive and unique training environment across the full spectrum of genetics, bridging the disciplines of molecular genetics, evolutionary biology, and genomics.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute seeks to stimulate long-term collaboration with Latin American and Caribbean counterparts, to review and develop curriculum in the languages and culture of the region, to administer an undergraduate degree program, to organize and participate in regional conferences and workshops, and to promote collaborative research and academic exchange among scholars and students with agreements wiht Latin american Universities