Institute of Native American Studies

Native American Studies is relatively new as a discipline, emerging only about thirty-five years ago. Though it continues to evolve, today Native American Studies is an exciting and vibrant field of inquiry with a network of scholars throughout North America. Central to it is the study of the Native nations of the Americas from the perspective of the indigenous peoples themselves.

Institute for Behavioral Research

The Institute for Behavioral Research plays an important role on the campus of the University of Georgia. We work to provide services, information, and support that can enhance the quality, comprehensiveness, and relevance of social and behavioral research at the University. From humble beginnings as an interdisciplinary discussion group, we have blossomed into a multifaceted research institute. However, we remain committed to the same core principles of service, scholarship, and accessibility that have characterized the IBR from its inception.

Germanic and Slavic Studies

The Germanic and Slavic Studies department offers programs designed to provide students with a good communicative knowledge of both the German and the Russian language and a basic insight into the culture of Germany and Russia. Study Abroad programs are offered not only in Germany and Russia, but also Croatia.