Germanic and Slavic Studies

The Germanic and Slavic Studies department offers programs designed to provide students with a good communicative knowledge of both the German and the Russian language and a basic insight into the culture of Germany and Russia. Study Abroad programs are offered not only in Germany and Russia, but also Croatia.

Center for Advanced Ultrastructural Research

The Center for Ultrastructural Research, located on the campus of the University of Georgia, is one of the premier electron microscope laboratories in the southeastern United States. The Center is dedicated to providing the University of Georgia system and the scientific community-at-large with expertise in the use and application of light and electron optical methods to a wide variety of problems.

Physics & Astronomy

From the structure of the nucleus to the big bang, from superconductors to special relativity, the department of Physics and Astronomy contributes to our understanding of the universe on both a macro- and micro-scale. The University of Georgia is on the cutting edge of harnessing hydrogen for sustainable energy, revolutionizing computing using quantum mechanics, and discovering distant planets.