Romance Languages

The Department of Romance Languages is one of the largest and most productive departments at the University of Georgia. The faculty comprises a full range of specialists offering courses in all literary periods and genres as well as linguistics, culture, film and theory. The Department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in French, Italian, Portuguese, Romance Languages, and Spanish.

Center for Computational Chemistry

The Center for Computational Chemistry at the University of Georgia seeks to develop theoretical and computational methods through mathematical models for describing and understanding the movement and function of electrons in molecules and to apply the theoretical methods to significant problems of broad chemical interest.


The goal of the Department of Geology is to educate undergraduate and graduate students, businesses, government, and the public through excellence in teaching, research, and service. They emphasize studies in Crust and Mantle Dynamics, Earth Systems History, Environmental Geosciences, and Geoarchaeology. In these areas, they pursue the understanding of geological processes, the optimal use of earth resources, and the reconstruction of earth's history to illuminate its future.