Germanic and Slavic Studies

The Germanic and Slavic Studies department offers programs designed to provide students with a good communicative knowledge of both the German and the Russian language and a basic insight into the culture of Germany and Russia. Study Abroad programs are offered not only in Germany and Russia, but also Croatia.

Hugh Hodgson School of Music

The University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music is home to approximately four hundred fifty students and a faculty of sixty-five. The School offers a wide variety of degree programs from baccalaureate through doctoral levels, as well as many opportunities for all UGA students to participate in ensembles and academic classes. Each year the School offers more than three hundred performances that are open to the public.

Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The University of Georgia has always seen cognitive science as an interdisciplinary field where computer science intersects with philosophy, psychology, linguistics, engineering and other fields. This comprises both classical artificial intelligence, which focuses on getting computers to behave intelligently, and newer approaches to cognitive computing, where the computer is seen as an extension rather than a model of the human mind.