Exhibit: Wrestling Temptation: The Quest to Control Alcohol in Georgia

Wrestling Temptation: The Quest to Control Alcohol in Georgiatraces the struggle that state leaders have faced in regulating the production, transportation and use of alcohol from 1733 to the present. The exhibit explores issues of morality, economy and personal liberty entwined with the use and abuse of alcohol. It considers what made Georgia different by paying close attention to the adoption of statewide prohibition in 1907 and the reluctance of state officials to repeal that measure even in the face waning public support and dire financial times during the 1930s.

Modern Living: Giò Ponti and the 20th-Century Aesthetics of Design

In the history of 20th-century design, Giò Ponti (1891–1979) is widely recognized as the father of modern Italian design. Over the span of a remarkably prolific career of nearly 60 years, Ponti created important works of architecture (including the first skyscraper in Italy), furniture, decorative art and industrial products, using both traditional and modern materials and techniques. He participated in Italian and other international design exhibitions and served as the editor of and frequent contributor to the magazines Domus and Stile.

Exhibition: The Past Is Never Dead: Kristin Casaletto

"The Past Is Never Dead: Kristin Casaletto" shows prints by the contemporary Georgia-based artist. Casaletto’s work addresses issues of history and how it is interpreted as well as questions related to identity and race. A relative newcomer to the South, she approaches its complex history from the perspective of an outsider without marginalizing its culture.

The title of the exhibition comes from William Faulkner’s famous statement “The past is never dead. It's not even past.” Casaletto similarly focuses on the importance and influence of history in shaping present mindsets.

Exhibition: MFA Exit Show

The annual exit show for the graduating master of fine arts students at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. This year's candidates are: Thomas Bosse , Reid Brechner, Julia Megan Burchett, Ellie Dent , Jamie Diaz, Arron Foster , Meirav Goldhour, Zachary Harris, Ariel Lockshaw , Shuk Han Lui, Jonathan Nowell, Amanda Scheutzow, Stephanie Sutton and Dan Vu.

Exhibition: “Advanced and Irascible”

The "Advanced and Irascible" exhibition showcases Jeanne and Carroll Berry’s efforts to gather one work by each of the so-called “Irascible” painters of abstract expressionism. The Irascibles earned their nickname after sending a signed, open letter to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to protest the lack of what they called “advanced” art in its exhibition of contemporary artists in 1950.

Exhibition: “Artists of the New York School”

This exhibition features works from the collection of the Georgia Museum of Art and several private collections. Containing paintings, sculptures and works on paper, the show highlights artistic trends of the “New York School,” or artists who were active in New York City in the 1950s and 1960s and primarily worked in abstraction. Works by female artists such as Louise Nevelson, Michael (Corrine) West, Helen Frankenthaler and Anne Ryan are included, along with works by artists Robert Goodnough, James Brooks, Frank Stella, Philip Guston and Gerome Kamroski.


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