Human Nature

Human Nature

The Bard as businessman

468px-Shakespeare in oilAt an event earlier this week, a colleague mentioned Shakespeare's recent birthday and offered a few appropriate lines. Exhilarated by the latter, I've always been a little skeptical of references like the former - to the actual man - as I've written about here previously.

Now comes this article in the UK Telegraph Independent about Shakespeare as a ...

Study in a second discipline

Careers in academia are, in some ways, like those of any other profession: once you have secured a position, you set about to address professional obligations, establish personal goals and pursue opportunities for advancement. Most of all of these would occur within the framework of the position for which you were intially hired.

An important difference in the professoriat, and one emphasized by a program at UGA, is the opportunity to study outside of your chosen discipline. The 2013-2014...

Stone awarded People's Choice Award

Stone_Brian outsideGraduate students often participate in conferences, in formal presentations and conversations about their work with other participants during poster sessions and other events. Most frequently, academic conferences are organized by discipline but the UGA Graduate Student Association tried something different in April with their Interdisciplinary Research Conference and it seems to have been an overwhelming success. Among the unusual outcomes was the presentation of People's Choice Award...

Online Course for Summer 2013

The Franklin College and UGA are venturing into online offerings like never before. For summer 2013,  a great selection of courses is available to help students stay on track for graduation even if they are studying abroad, involved in an internship and/or working a summer job.

Have a look. Sign up. Stay on track.

Origin of Mankind

Armstrong-in-Aldrins-VisorIn what has been a terrific series of events on campus this semester, the Origins Lecture Series concludes tomorrow evening, April 24 at 7 pm in the Chapel with Norm Thompson speaking on the Origin of Mankind:

What stories can our hominin ancestors tell us?
In 1969, upon landing on the Moon, Neil Armstrong placed his left foot on the lunar surface and humbly...