Exhibition: Gold-digging in Georgia

06/05/2017 (All day)

Gold-digging in Georgia: America's First Gold Rush shares the history of north Georgia from the late 1820s until the Civil War as America’s first major gold rush. This antebellum Appalachian gold rush served as one of the many southern paths to industrialism.

Modern Living: Giò Ponti and the 20th-Century Aesthetics of Design

06/10/2017 (All day)

In the history of 20th-century design, Giò Ponti (1891–1979) is widely recognized as the father of modern Italian design. Over the span of a remarkably prolific career of nearly 60 years, Ponti created important works of architecture (including the first skyscraper in Italy), furniture, decorative art and industrial products, using both traditional and modern materials and techniques. He participated in Italian and other international design exhibitions and served as the editor of and frequent contributor to the magazines Domus and Stile.

Family Day: Flowers and Birds

06/10/2017 - 10:00am

Explore paintings featuring beautiful landscapes, flowers and birds in the exhibition “The Genius of Martin Johnson Heade,” then create a nature-inspired work of art in the Michael and Mary Erlanger Studio Classroom. Family Day programs are sponsored by Heyward Allen Motor Co., Inc., Heyward Allen Toyota and the Friends of the Georgia Museum of Art.