Biological Sciences

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Our Mission

Spanning the broad field of natural sciences concerned with the study of life and living organisms, our Division of Biological Sciences consists of the departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Cellular Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Marine Science, as well as the non-Franklin department Entomology and the Odum School of Ecology.

Each department has its own major and degree programs. Due to the tight integration and relatedness of biological disciplines, the Division was created to conduct an undergraduate degree program in Biology with the participation of the individual departments and faculty. The Director of the Division of Biological Sciences is Dr. Kristen Miller.

Our Departments

Research areas include bioinformatics, biophysical method development, enzymology, glycobiology, molecular medicine, plant biology, and structural biology, among many others.


Comprehensive education in modern molecular biology that prepares for careers in research, biotech and medicine.

The field of Genetics has been at the heart of the revolution in biology. The Department of Genetics provides a supportive learning and training environment for both undergraduate and graduate students.


With faculty stationed on the Athens campus and at the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, the Department pursues research that advances our understanding of the biology, chemistry, physics, and geology of the world's oceans and coastal environments.

We maintain internationally recognized research programs in microbial physiology and genetics, cell biology, bacterial pathogenesis, microbial ecology and evolution, protein biochemistry, biotechnology and bioinformatics.


Plants power the globe by providing us with food, fuel, medicine and ecological services. We prepare students for careers in plant and fungal biology with interdisciplinary training within an overarching evolutionary framework.