About this Degree

Undergraduates majoring in the History of Art gain a broad knowledge of visual art forms across a wide range of media, cultures, and time periods. An interdisciplinary field by nature, art history deepens our understanding of and connection to human imagination and aspiration. Its methods explore questions of aesthetics, literature, philosophy, religion, economics, and socio-political structures expressed in the art of cultures both near and distant. Students build perceptual, intellectual, and practical skills to look closely, read critically, research deeply, and write comprehensively in an increasingly visual and creative world. University of Georgia art history graduates have gone on to further graduate study in Art History, History, Law, and Information Sciences, and to careers in museums, galleries, auction houses, writing and publishing, teaching, public relations, the fashion industry, and community engagement.

Possible Job Titles:

An undergraduate degree in art history provides the student with a broad liberal arts education; it can, therefore, be used as the basis for further study in many fields leading to a variety of professional careers. The student who wishes to pursue a career in art history should consider graduate studies on the M.A. or Ph.D. level. With such advanced degrees, professional employment opportunities include college and university teaching, museum and research positions, and the art market.