Franklin College Degree Requirements Archive

Franklin College of Arts & Sciences College-Wide Degree Requirements for Students who Matriculated Prior to Fall 2010

In addition to completing the University of Georgia Core Curriculum and University-wide degree requirements, recipients of degrees from the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences are expected to satisfy each of the following requirements.

Any courses used to fulfill major requirements, general electives, or the Core Curriculum may simultaneously satisfy Franklin College requirements.

Majors in BFA Art, BFA Dance, BSCHEM Chemistry, BMUS Music Education & BMUS Music Therapy need to complete only the Multicultural requirement. (BMUS Music Composition, BMUS Music Performance, and BMUS Music Theory majors must complete all Franklin College requirements).

Degree Requirement Number of Courses Required Approved Courses (all courses must be at least 3 hours and taught at the undergraduate level (1000-5999)
Biological Sciences One course

For students who matriculated prior to the beginning of Fall 2010, any course taught from Biochemistry, Biology, Cellular Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Microbiology and Plant Biology. Additionally, LAND1000 or MARS1020-1020L may be used towards the completion of this requirement.

For students who matriculated Fall 2010 or after, you may follow this link to view the current requirement.