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The purpose of this event is to promote interdisciplinary research within the flagship institutions of the state of Georgia. Georgia Statistics Day puts emphasis on mentoring of junior researchers and on interaction between senior and junior researchers.

Georgia Statistics Day is a new annual event, designed to promote interdisciplinary statistics research among the flagship academic institutions of the state of Georgia, namely UGA, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University. This year marks the inaugural Georgia Statistics Day, which will be hosted by UGA. Professor Robert Tibshirani has agreed to be the first keynote speaker. In 2016, Georgia Statistics Day will be hosted by Georgia Tech, and in 2017, by Emory. The venue of the conference will rotate among the participating institutes on this three-year cycle.

At least 80 registered participants are expected, with more than half being graduate students. The participants will consist mostly of faculty and graduate students from UGA, Georgia Tech and Emory, but there also will be participants from Augusta University, Clemson University, Duke University, Georgia Regents University, Georgia Southern University and Georgia State University. There will be representatives from LexisNexis, Walls Fargo, State Farm, JMP and Liberty Mutual, as well as from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Apart from the keynote lecture, faculty from the three institutions will present their research at a series of roundtables. There will be talks on statistical consulting as well as presentations from corporate sponsors. A significant part of the one-day workshop will also be student posters. Awards will be given to outstanding student presentations.

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