Romance Languages Special Guest Colloquium: Antonia Arslan and Siobhan Nash-Marshall

“Post-Truths and People: The Armenian Genocide and its Negation,” Antonia Arslan, author and former professor of Italian modern and contemporary literature at the University of Padova, and Siobhan Nash-Marshall, professor of philosophy and the Mary T. Clark Chair of Christian Philosophy at Manhattanville College.

Sponsored by the Romance Languages Fund

Colloquium: Iconicity in African Musical Thought and Expression

Kofi Agawu, Princeton University Hughes-Rogers Professor of Music, will present a colloquium lecture on “Iconicity in African Musical Thought and Expression.”

The event is hosted by the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, the African Studies Institute and the Musicology/Ethnomusicology Student Association, and sponsored by the Willson Center.

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Romance Languages Special Guest Colloquium: José Antonio Rodríguez Garrido

"Identidades múltiples y agencias culturales en la construcción de la biografía de Juan de Espinosa Medrano (¿1629?-1688)," José Antonio Rodríguez Garrido, professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. He will offer new critical perspectives for contemplating the life and work of Juan de Espinosa Medrano (circa 1629 - 1688), who rendered the Baroque poetics of Luis de Góngora into a distinctly American literary style and also adapted European dramatic models in the earliest Quechua theater.

Department of Classics Colloquium

The department of Classics in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences will host a colloquium featuring visiting scholars Christiane Reitz and Simone Finkmann of the University of Rostock on Oct. 7 at 3:30 p.m. in Room 265 of Park Hall. The event is sponsored in part by a cooperative agreement between the University of Rostock and University of Georgia, and by the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Faculty Travel Program. The colloquium is free and the public is invited to attend.

Cinema Roundtable: “Animated Comic Attractions & Early Cinema”

This roundtable discusses how silent cinema reworked some of the graphic traditions and story content of comic strips from their era. Visiting Scholar Tom Gunning, University of Chicago, will join panelists Rielle Navitski, film studies, and Chris Pizzino, English, for this roundtable moderated by Richard Newport, film studies.

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