Hollywood in the New Millenium


By many accounts, Hollywood has been in the midst of a transformation since at least 2000, the result of changing consumer habits, the dot.com bubble burst of 2001, the decline of DVD sales and rentals beginning in 2007, and the collapse of financial markets in 2008. And then there's Netflix.

A pioneering specialist in the history of the American film industry, Tino Balio will be at UGA this week to lecture on the relationship of the...

Dodd Professorial Chair exhibit


There are currently several great exhibitions on display in the Lamar Dodd School of Art, yet another of which is the ongoing show by the 2012 Dodd Professorial Chair, Kristen Morgin. The Dodd Chair allows the faculty to invite a guest to join their ranks for a semester (or two), teach classes, create new work and generally be a part of the goings-on in the school. They...