The Morrill Act: the building of a country

First proposed in 1857 and passed in 1859, President Lincoln signed the first Morrill Act on July 2, 1862, whereby the federal government granted each state 30,000 acres of public land for each member of congress that state had. In exchange, the states would sell the land and create an endowment meant to support the establishment and perpetuation of institutes of higher learning.

UGA historian Nash Boney:

As soon as the war ended the...

Dean's Staff Appreciation Lunch


With over 600 faculty teaching in 84 undergraduate majors (and over 80 graduate degree programs), the Franklin College requires a lot of people to function properly. Especially in lean budgetary environments like the current epoch, faculty and support staff, development officers and instructors are pressed to do more and more with less and less.

Interim Dean Hugh Ruppersburg will express his appreciation for all the effort and committment that makes the College what it is with a staff lunch on...

Liberal Arts Under Scrutiny

That fount of conventional wisdom, National Public Radio, aired a segment this morning on pressures faced by liberal arts colleges during the current economy, though it could have run anytime in the last 25 years such did it trot out the tried-and-true elements of a good news story:



UGA Engineering


Congratulations to our engineering colleagues around campus, which means faculty in many Franklin College departments including chemistry, physics and astronomy, mathematics, computer science, biology and microbiology, marine sciences, genetics, geography, art and anthropology, as well as numerous interdisciplinary research centers created...