New website allows access to changes along the coast


Overlapping constituencies have often been the bane of sustainable development practices. Even having the tools that allow different groups to share information and work together has long been a deficiency; and without them, marshalling agreement among competing interests has been that much more difficult and rare. Now, a ...

Ecology and the Learning Environment


The slowest-moving indicators can often be the most difficult to study, requiring patience and a general knowledge of many overlapping correlations. It's axiomatic that the seeming constants in life become the benchmarks and things we depend on, even though there are no true constants - with the exception of change itself. Learning from these changes also takes a great deal of patience, honed skills of observation...

Rutherford Progress Cam

So this is pretty terrific. A live video feed, refreshed every five seconds, of the construction on the new Rutherford Hall. It's a great use of technology, courtesy of UGA housing. Here's a rendering of the final product, which looks quite similar to the original.