ARCO 2nd Thursday Finale


Hugh Hodgson was a very important Georgian, because he believed in the citizens of this state - and the importance of educating them. He was a very significant faculty member at the University of Georgia because he believed in the power of music as a civilising force, a non-negotiable element of an educated citizenry.

His Second Thursday music nights have a lofty pedigree and we're glad that they remain a means to bring great music to our campus. This year's roster has been a great...


Get ready for the University Theatre production of Chicago.Chicago.jpg

The University of Georgia University Theatre will present ...

Witty and Brilliant

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Because we're going to re-publish one of her articles in the annual school of art newsletter, I've been following the writing of Hofstra University art professor Laurie Fendrich a little closer than usual. She's a terrific writer, and her blog posts for the Chronicle's Brainstorm blog are a must. Last week, for instance,...