Bynum Trombone Recital

ba913_Slide1.jpgOne of the great young faculty members in the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, Josh Bynum, takes the stage for a recital tonight at 8 p.m. in Ramsey Concert Hall.

Bynum will play a program on the trombone that includes works by Defaye and and Joseph Turrin. More.

Hirano_bodies_in_the_Hippocampus_in_an_old_person_with_Alzheimer-related_pathology,_HE_2.jpgThe neurodegenerative disease that has affected millions of people continues to puzzle researchers, but a new discovery at UGA sheds light on the mystery:

Matthew Furgerson, a doctoral candidate in the UGA Franklin College of Arts and Sciences department of biochemistry and molecular biology, used cell culture models to...

Inaugural Alumni Awards

There's a really good rule of thumb in the Franklin College - one of many, to be sure - that says our graduates are who we are. At the Inaugural Alumni Awards dinner at the Classic Center last night (Oct. 18), the Franklin College honored six of our alumni, whose success speaks to the breadth of our mission as a college of arts and sciences:

“These outstanding graduates have distinguished themselves in their careers and highlight the many contributions that Franklin College alumni make to improving health, enriching quality of life and even answering fundamental...

Open Access Week


Open_Access_logo_PLoS_white.Just like the slow-motion revolution we are witnessing with traditional publishing, print magazines, tablet e-readers and the like, scholarly publishing is also in the midst of a transition toward an open publishing model:

UGA will join the international research community Oct. 22-28 to celebrate Open Access Week...