Zero Waste UGA

UGA_composting.jpgDid you know to-go cups from your favorite cafe are not recyclable? How much energy does your building consume? How many of your co-workers carpool? The UGA Office of Sustainability works to educate us on these and many other questions, making the microcosm that is our campus community more in-tune with its environmental and stewardship responsibilities...

Alternative Spring Break

One of the most inspiring and valuable components of the college experience, according to many of our students, is service learning and outreach. This week, many of our students are continuing their learning experience by participating in volunteer projects all across the country through IMPACT.

Student Spring Break

Each year, our students get one week away from campus during the Spring semester for some time away from classes. Many of our students choose to see the world this week, as that is just as important as an educational experience. For students who are currently traveling or studying abroad, the UGA Office of International Education is encouraging our educational travelers to share some of their experiences with us via social media.