Outer boroughs

Posted 5 years 4 months ago

One benefit, and there are many, of pulling together content for unit-level newsletters and soliciting news from faculty directly is that I find out about things they are doing that might normally escape (my) attention - professional activity that doesn't rise to the level of press releases, but a host of exhibitions, lectures, interviews and other work. There is a lot of this and it's too-often elusive at the college-level. But much of it is compelling, and some of it's even beautiful. Like this work by associate professor of art Stephen Scheer, featured in an online book about...

Benjamin Franklin 'memoir'

Posted 5 years 5 months ago

There are so many reasons that Benjamin Franklin was chosen as the namesake for the Franklin College - and every one of them accrues to our benefit as well as feeds our ambitions for what the College should be. None of the noble epithets with which we connect Franklin demonstrates that more than the unfinished autobiography he worked on but purposefully left unfinished so as  'to immerse his reader in the formal and textual atmosphere of a deliberately "unfinished" life.'

A new book by the Sterling-Goodman Professor of English at UGA Douglas Anderson on the Franklin...

Witty and Brilliant

Posted 5 years 6 months ago
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Because we're going to re-publish one of her articles in the annual school of art newsletter, I've been following the writing of Hofstra University art professor Laurie Fendrich a little closer than usual. She's a terrific writer, and her blog posts for the Chronicle's Brainstorm blog are a must. Last week, for instance, when relating a story about her preparations for delivering a lecture on Picasso, she inadvertently (though, of course, not at all) shares a nugget about lecturing to first-year students:


Best Undergraduate Teachers

Posted 5 years 6 months ago

In the nation, that is. And among the three from UGA are two from Franklin College, according to the Princeton Review and RateMyProfessors.com:

John Knox, an associate professor of geography; Audrey Haynes, an associate professor of political science; and Charles Kutal, a chemistry professor and associate dean of the UGA Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, are listed among The Best 300 Professors, which was released April 3.




Focus on Faculty: Marshall Shepherd

Posted 5 years 6 months ago

Very nice Q & A with the director of UGA's Atmosphereic Sciences program, Marshall Shepherd, on the University of Georgia homepage. 

A professor in the department of geography, Shepherd discusses several personal and professional topics,  including his favorite courses and why?

I developed two new courses when I came to UGA. One course, Applied Climatology in the Urban Environment, is one of my favorite courses because I get to teach theory, application, and hands-on field work on how cities impact weather, climate and other environmental factors. I also created a...