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The Climate for Climate News

Posted 2 years 9 months ago

Whatever the curent state of the art on presenting/denying/affirming the realities and consequences of a changing global climate, UGA and Franklin College scholars have long been a trustworthy source of expertise on the subject. And it is a complex subject, which is why it calls for scholarship from such a wide range of fields from marine sciences to geography and atmospheric sciences to microbiology, forestry, ecology and the biological sciences, UGA faculty are engaged everywhere from the planetary level down to the impacts of climate change on cities and towns, streets and...

Marshall Shepherd talks climate

Posted 2 years 10 months ago

UGA Research magazine and now the UGA homepage feature this terrific article on atmospheric sciences hero, Marshall Shepherd:

The bogeymen he faces aren't humanoid, however, but the misinformation he calls "zombie theories" — the litany of benighted arguments that human activities are not, after all, the root cause of global climate change. Time and time again, atmospheric scientists have countered these assertions — such as "The climate change we are now witnessing is natural," "It's not humans, it's the sun," and "The alarmist scientists just want grant money" — but in...

Climate change vulnerability assessment

Posted 2 years 11 months ago

Yesterday, The Guardian and ABC News quoted geography professor Marshall Shepherd about a study showing population concentrating into areas facing significant temperature rises. Today, we released news about a study authored by Shepherd and his colleagues about vulnerable populations in Georgia that are highly susceptible to climate change:

The study, published May 18 in Applied Geography, examines not only the sensitivity and susceptibility of populations that are vulnerable to flooding along the coast but also the social vulnerability of inland populations in Georgia. The...

Climatology Research Lab looks into the future of storms

Posted 3 years 2 months ago

Statistical techniques like downscaling allow climate researchers to peer across extraordinarily large amounts of different kinds of data to give us a better idea of what to expect in terms of the broader changes in the climate and how those may translate into recurring weather events in the future. Researchers from the department of geography recently published an unequivocal new study:

More tornadoes will be commonplace by the year 2080 as a result of a changing climate, according to a new study from University of Georgia geography researchers.

They used climate...

Shepherd to moderate 'Champions of Change' event at White House

Posted 3 years 2 months ago

In his Climate Action Plan, President Barack Obama laid out a series of steps to combat carbon pollution, prepare for climate-change impacts and lead global efforts to tackle this shared challenge. The steps range from broad, national policy to recognizing localized efforts and the people behind them. One of these will take place Monday, Feb. 9 at the White House and will be hosted by UGA's Marshall Shepherd:

Shepherd, the University of Georgia Distinguished Athletic Association Professor in the Social Sciences, will moderate the "Champions of Change for Climate Education and...