Young Dawgs research program

Posted 4 years 5 months ago
two women with microscope

The pipeline that connects university research to the public, from new drug treatments to insights about our own history, is one of the very important functions of higher education. The pipeline that connects young students to one day become those very researchers is just as important:

Run by UGA Human Resources, Young Dawgs is doing more than capturing the imaginations of high school students and preparing them for future careers. It's also partnering with local school districts and earning awards on the national level. The program recently received the 2013 Community Service and...

Defining the mix

Posted 4 years 6 months ago
Unity_in_Diversity faces

Diversity on campus can be construed as a conundrum, wrapped around an enigma, especially when we approve the goals but are not quite convinced about the means to achieve them. Absent a clear acceptance of the policies to promote ethnic, socio-economic and/or geographical diversity among the student population, the goals and benefits thereof remain murky and mired in controversy. And there arise additional questions: how can a place be made at the university for disadvantaged students? Might these attempts only succeed in confirming pre-existing notions about who college is for? This New...

Big Data

Posted 4 years 7 months ago

We're told how it's going to change everything, and truly we now exist in a sea of information:

This explosion of data is relatively new. As recently as the year 2000, only one-quarter of all the world’s stored information was digital. The rest was preserved on paper, film, and other analog media. But because the amount of digital data expands so quickly -- doubling around every three years -- that situation was swiftly inverted. Today, less than two percent of all stored information is nondigital. Given this massive scale, it is tempting to understand big data solely in terms of...

Performances and lectures today

Posted 4 years 9 months ago

The object of the blog isn't to be a calendar of events, but sometimes the broader message of our news is simply the volume (and tone!) of activity that wends its way through the Franklin College and UGA. It's that time of year again - which, really could be almost any week in the academic year. But Spring semester seems to bring out our best. This is just one day - today:

The department of English hosts a lecture, "'Let Us Have Faith That Right Makes Might': Proverbial Rhetoric in Decisive Moments of American Politics," Wolfgang Mieder, University of Vermont. 4 p.m., 265 Park Hall...

Students help in the shift toward sustainability on campus

Posted 4 years 11 months ago

According to its own waste characterization study in 2006, the state of Georgia estimates that each year it spends $100 million to throw away $300 million worth of recyclables. Now the UGA Office of Sustainability is enlisting, and rewarding, students across campus in the effort to cut down on the waste:

The University of Georgia Office of Sustainability has awarded $26,000 to seven student projects as part of its annual Campus Sustainability Grants Program. The program, funded by student green fees, provides financial and staff resources to implement projects that further the...