WUGA-FM celebrates 30 years on the air

selena radio photo

Radio_SELENA-B210.jpgCongratulations to our local public radio affiliate WUGA, which is celebrating 30 years in broadcasting:

the NPR affiliate operated by the University of Georgia, is celebrating 30 years of being on the air. The station first went live on the morning of Aug. 28, 1987, and has been serving the Athens community ever since, offering both national and local programming.

"There is no other radio station in this area that provides the kind of content that this station does," said Jimmy Sanders, WUGA's general manager. "The community values this radio station and recognizes how unique it is."

Several events are planned to commemorate the radio station's 30th anniversary.

The station and its staff have long been staunch supporters of arts, science and cultural programming on campus, hosting interviews with a wide variety of visiting scholars as well as UGA faculty and staff; promoting our events; and connecting our community to great national programming from other affiliates, PRI and the BBC. Truly a local jewel, not a luxury but an urgent necessity, now as ever. Congratulations WUGA and our best wishes for many more decades of service.

Image: Radio Selena Model B-210 via wikimedia commons