World Anthropology Day, Feb 15

photo of woman with graphics

Anthroday Hurston 2.jpgThis week, the department of anthropology is hosting a celebration for World Anthropology Day, Feb 15, 1-4 pm in the lobby of Baldwin Hall to showcase how this field helps in understanding humanity's past, present and future.

World Anthropology Day is a day for anthropologists to celebrate and participate in their discipline with the public around them. Anthropologists are innovators and creative thinkers who contribute to every industry. The event is free and open to the entire university community, and will include a range of events and activities that showcase what anthropology has to offer students who are seeking a globally-engaged education. This will include pottery-making, 3D scanning and printing, a field photography contest (with prizes), an anthropology photobooth with a chance to win a $100 prize from the American Anthropological Association, and information from the Students for Anthropological & Archaeological Studies and the UGA Anthropology Mentoring Program. 
“Anthropology Day is an opportunity for our department to share how anthropological skills and perspectives contribute to grand challenges in the world today," said Jennifer Birch, assistant professor and undergraduate coordinator in the department.

Plan to drop by Baldwin Hall on Thursday afternoon to learn more about our anthropology program and how anthropology helps us understand our world.