UGA Theatre presents The Last Witch

Woman in costume outside

Last Witch teaser.jpgContinuing tonight and running through Sunday October 1, UGA Theatre presents The Last Witch:

Set in northern Scotland in 1727, The Last Witch is based on the historical account of Janet Horne, the last person to be legally tried and executed for witchcraft in the British Isles. After being scorned and ridiculed, the eccentric widow (played by Anna Pieri) chooses to capitalize on the circulating rumors that she possesses supernatural abilities. The community’s growing fear places the lives of Janet and her teenage daughter Helen (Melanie Sheahan) at risk. Written by Rona Munro and directed by Ray Paolino, UGA Theatre’s production draws parallels to the demonization of powerful women within patriarchal culture. 

A great season already underway, our student actors and technicians, along with faculty directors, work at a very high level of performance and craft. A strong entertainment option this week. Tickets!

Image: Anna Pieri as Janet Horne in UGA Theatre's The Last Witch. Photo by Matthew Suwalski