Top ten season for 2016-17 Georgia Debate Union

students with plaques, trophies

2016-17 GDU teaser.jpgThe Georgia Debate Union concluded one of its most successful seasons in the program's history.  

In the end of the year rankings, the Georgia Debate Union finished 3rd, 7th, and 8th among the three major intercollegiate college policy debate organizations.   

UGA placed third in the American Debate Association varsity rankings, 7th in the National Debate Tournament varsity rankings, and 8th in the Cross Examination Debate Association rankings.  Schools ranked behind the University of Georgia include Northwestern University, Georgetown University, Vanderbilt University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Florida.

Teams representing the Georgia Debate Union won four tournaments over the season, including victories at tournaments hosted by Samford University, Liberty University, the University of Miami, and the US Naval Academy.

Teams from the Georgia Debate Union also placed third at the American Debate Association national championship and the Lafayette Debates, an annual event held at George Washington University and sponsored by the French Embassy.

The Georgia Debate Union also qualified teams for the 28th consecutive year to the National Debate Tournament (NDT). Teams representing the Georgia Debate Union reached the elimination rounds of the NDT for the third consecutive year.  

In addition to the team's collective success, members of the Georgia Debate Union saw individual successes as well in the form of various speaker awards, coaching awards, and service recognition. 

Funding for the Georgia Debate Union's competitive endeavors is provided by the UGA Division of Student Affairs, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, the Richard B. Russell Foundation, and the UGA Foundation.  

Image: Debate Union team members who won individual and team awards this year (left to right - Morgan Leach, Sachin Mahajan, Miriam Mokhemar, Victoria Yonter, Alyssa Hoover, Nathan Rice, Advait Ramanan, Tucker Boyce, Swapnil Agrawal, Johnnie Stupek and Yuke Yang).